Khainz Releases Debut Yoshitoshi EP 'Collider / Elaborate'

After making his Yoshitoshi debut with a massive remix of the Yoshitoshi classic "Manila Sunrise" by Luzon, Khainz is ready to release his first original material with the label. The two tracks on this EP are masterfully crafted techno giants that solidify the Swiss producer's talent, and you surely won't want to miss out on this exciting release.

"Collider" is melodic techno at its finest, a gorgeous tune that swells with power and grace. Delicate synths construct melodies that glisten between resounding breakdowns. The track is immense and full of life.

"Elaborate" infuses more attitude into Khainz's equation. The track's thundering groove and substantial bass make this a perfect tool for the apex of your set.

Khainz throws in all manner of effects and studio trickery into the equation, creating a brilliantly detailed soundscape that will absolutely smash in the club.