Artist Feature Series 005: Made By Pete

The Artist Feature is a new series by Yoshitoshi aiming to tell the story behind the music, to get in touch with what lies at the core of each artist’s creative ethos in three pictures: The Roots, The Studio, The Club.

For this edition of the Artist Feature Series, we hear from UK native Made By Pete about his upbringing in London and his approach to production and DJing. He’s been making waves over the past few years with a handful of ace releases on Madtech, Crosstown Rebels, and more, and has just released his debut Aikido EP on Yoshitoshi. The release delves into afro-influenced sounds, with tons of unique, textural percussion that has already seen support from some of the best names in the biz, including Sasha, Rodriguez Jr., Hidden Empire, OC & Verde, and many more.

The Roots


I’m lucky to have grown up in London. It’s one of the global hubs for electronic music and inspiration can be found everywhere. Over the years, we’ve lost some legendary clubs (RIP The Cross, The End & Turnmills) but new warehouses, terraces and multipurpose venues are popping all the time. It’s great to have everything on your doorstep.

The Studio


This is my humble, make shift cave. Studio space is expensive in London so I’ve had to create an average listening space in my garage. Sonarworks and acoustic treatment has helped to balance the room but I’m looking forward to moving house and building a new purpose built studio in the garden. Until then… this is where the magic happens. I’m mainly ‘in the box’, but I do have a few outboard instruments that I turn to for inspiration. I’m also a huge fan of Omnisphere, I use it on everything.

The Club


I had the privilege of playing in the main room at Fabric for the first time recently. It was a great experience. Fabric is a London institution. You only have to look at the success of the #savefabric campaign to see how much this venue means to people, both here in London and all over the world. I love the fact that the DJ booth is right in the mix, you can interact with the people you are playing to and share the energy with them. It’s a special feeling.