Artist Feature Series 003: Christian Bonori

The Artist Feature is a new series by Yoshitoshi aiming to tell the story behind the music, to get in touch with what lies at the core of each artist’s creative ethos in three pictures: The Roots, The Studio, The Club.

For this edition of our Artist Feature, we welcome Christian Bonori into the Yoshitoshi Family. Christian first came on our radar with his devastating club tool “Unruliness” in 2016., and we’re so happy to finally have him on for for a full release. The “State of Mind” EP is a sharp portrayal of his evolution as an artist from that time, showcasing his original sound and versatility. Learn more about Christian’s artistic philosophy and process below.

The Roots


Welcome to my hometown: Reggio Emilia, Italia! So much of my musical identity comes from my roots here, and I find inspiration around every corner. This picture was taken at the new high-speed train station designed by the famous Spanish Architect, Santiago Calatrava. It’s an amazing project that I feel is a metaphor for my musical DNA. I am on a lifelong search for something new and innovative, to create futuristic atmospheres and unique emotional waves with sound.

The Studio


When I hit the studio, the first thing I focus on is the main riff in a track. I’m deeply grateful to my partner Paul S-tone, who has built these unique modular synthesizers over the years, that allow me to achieve some exceptional sounds. Once a new song takes shape, I’ll test it with different sound systems to see if it is consistent. Only when I’m 100% satisfied - and believe me, I’m really meticulous – it’s ready to be mastered. 

The Club


Every time I perform, the expectations of the clubbers are always present in my mind, you never know what kind of crowd you’re going to be playing for. Those first few tracks are so important to help me understand what kind of energy is out there on the floor. While I have my own tastes, the clubbers always come first. If they’re having a great time, then so am I, and that is the recipe for an unforgettable night.