Artist Feature Series 001: Aaryon

The Artist Feature is a new series by Yoshitoshi aiming to tell the story behind the music, to get in touch with what lies at the core of each artist’s creative ethos in three pictures: The Roots, The Studio, The Club.

Aaryon came on to our radar with an incredible remix of Olivier Giacomotto and ace releases on Noir Music, Suara, and Steyoyoke. We knew his cutting-edge approach to production belonged on Yoshitoshi, and he delivered an EP that blended the best aspects of techno and experimental electronica. In our first Artist Feature Series we hear about Aaryon’s beginnings in the small town of Vigo, Spain, and his approach to artistry both in the studio and the club.

The Roots


"As far back As I can remember, I’ve always been attracted to darker sounds and music. I started playing the bass in a metal band at 14 and its translated into the energy of everything I've made since then. I'm from a small port town in Spain with beautiful surroundings, so playing the local clubs helped me break free from the routine lifestyle and express myself through sound. Techno and dance music always felt like a natural fit."

The Studio


"Before I hit the studio every day, I like to first seek inspiration listening to all kinds of music and sounds. Then I start jamming around with different instruments until I found what it will be the main idea of the song. Next, I like to give a bit of structure to the idea and create a draft of what the song will be to test it out later. I need some time to stop working on it completely, and almost forget about it! Maybe 3 months later I’ll come back around and really finish it... This latest EP on Yoshitoshi was different and special for me, as it was inspired by a big change in my life."

The Club


"I basically grew up in clubs, so when I play them I just follow two simple rules. The first one is to remember to enjoy and have fun with what I’m doing. The Second is to play for me as much as I play for the people, trying to keep in balance with what I want to show them and what makes them dance.”